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The teachers at Bomu Primary school are trained, selfless and competent. Some few have trained as Key Resource Teacher specialists in Mathematics, English language, Science and Guidance and Counseling. As a team they are involved in mentoring fellow colleagues on acceptable pedagogical practices.


Through INSETS the teachers have always improved in their pedagogical practices making them more inclusive, interesting, interactive and participatory.  The teachers are encouraged to be gender sensitive while dealing with learners in the school.


The following is a list of our teaching staff

  1. Mrs. Lucie Mildred Oyugi - Head teacher
  2. Mrs. Mariam Mwinyifaki – Deputy Head teacher
  3. Mr. Salim Omar Buda         - Deputy Head teacher
  4. Mrs. Aisha A Abdalla           - Senior teacher
  5. Mrs.Gladys Odhiambo
  6. Mrs. Rispa Abuto
  7. Mrs.Alice Mutimba
  8. MsWere P. Musumba
  9. Mrs.Mary N. Muiruri
  10. Mrs. Phidence Mwachala
  11. Mrs. Amu Mary Kiluda
  12. Mrs. Esteher Kodi
  13. Mrs. Ombongi M. Sophia
  14. Mrs. Sauda Y. Athman
  15. Mrs.Joyce K. Kabiru
  16. Mrs.Diana Wanyika
  17. Mrs. Sabina K. Muthaura
  18. Mrs. Florence Fondo
  19. Mrs. Mazai M. Clementina
  20. Mrs.Erick Mkungo
  21. Mr. Mbaruku Atiki
  22. Mrs.Duncan Mwanyalo
  23. Mrs.Patience Fondo
  24. Mrs.Josephine Ongeri
  25. Mrs. Ziporah R. Gichigi
  26.  Mrs.Angelina S Gervas
  27. Mrs.Esther W. Mbugua.


We also have three volunteer teachers who are currently undergoing Diploma in early childhood development Programme at Islamic Teachers Training College Mombasa. We are very grateful to them for the good work they are doing with our class one learners.


They are as follows

  1. Mrs. Hellen Odhiambo
  2. Miss. Mildred Mrunde
  3. Miss. Everline Bosibori


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