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Bomu Primary School was started as a Muslim school in 1958. It was called Changamwe Muslim School. All the Muslim children in Changamwe Division received their education there. The site of the school was at the home of an old man called mzee Sudi located near the current site of Mother Teresa Academy in Magongo, Changamwe constituency.


The school was later taken over by the government, through the Municipal Council in the year 1965 and moved to its current site in Magongo. The school had an enrolment of 700 pupils. Due to the large number of learners, the school name changed to BOMU a word in the local mijikenda language for BIG. The first head teacher of the school was called Mr Daniel Mazera.


Currently the population of the school has remained big with a total enrolment of 1578; of these 780 are girls and 798 boys.


The school boasts of having produced very prominent people in our society who are now practicing doctors, lawyers, managers and even Provincial Director of Education to mention but a few.


The parents of our school are mainly semi literate and of very low income. They fend for their livelihood through sale of food items such as fried potatoes and cassava, sweets, mangoes and also run small kiosks. Due to their hustle in life, they hardly find time to visit the school to follow up on their children’s progress. This leaves the teachers with the sole responsibility of raising the learners almost single handedly.


The area Chief Madam Mbashu has been of great assistance in our efforts to try and educate the parents on their roles and responsibilities. We remain hoping for the best response.


The challenges faced at the school do not dampen our spirit of striving to produce learner with holistic education that will enable them to fit well in the society and our country at large.



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